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…about Corona virus COVID-19…

March 16, 2020

As of March 12th we now know the spread of the virus in the USA has shown exponential growth (the spread of virus increases its velocity with time) That means that despite preventive measures of handwashing and social isolation the virus is expected to reach and infect the great majority of US citizens before summer. Once we can get testing done (for everyone free of charge) we will probably be amazed how many people who are healthy are also positive. They would be considered as carriers. We may find many carriers (especially children and young adults) may not get sick at all. I am waiting on data from China as to how many of their deaths were in children (presumably low if at all).

Preventative measures are not going to put this pandemic to rest; it serves simply to slow down the spread to allow for health facilities and the National Guard to prepare for massive hospital needed admissions, manufacture of test kits and durable medical supplies such as respirators. It also give the CDC some time to further study the epidemiology and characteristics of the virus. I am sure many antiviral drugs already used for HIV and other viral diseases are being tested against Corona-19.

If you have had known exposure to the virus within 3-6 feet for more than 5 minutes you status is considered moderate risk and you should isolate yourself for 14 days even if you feel well.

If you have the above exposure and feel ill with fever and cough, you should contact by telephone your major hospitals in the area as to where to show up- don’t just walk into the ER.

Likewise, urgent centers are referring this category to the hospital and will likely turn you away. Of course you should be wearing masks and gloves. When testing becomes available for all and you are positive without illness, then self isolation is recommended for 14 days.

Since the virus will probably infect you at sometime in the future, my suggestion is to support your immune system by

  1. Getting lots of sleep
  2. Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs
  3. Avoid mental and physical stress as best as you can
  4. Eat healthy meals
  5. Zinc lozengers seem to make viral attachment to mucous membranes difficult and defer infection (don’t know if this holds true for Corona-19)
  6. Take multivitamins

Since most of the entire Hunan Chinese population is probably infected it is valuable to note that their infectivity rate has stabilized. We will probably see the same in Italy.

When you find you are positive, DON’T PANIC; most infected individuals recover without the need for hospitalization.

Isolate yourself for 14 days and make sure you have all the foods and medicines you normally would need with any “flu-like” illness.

As we go along and find more information I will update this blog.

Peace to you and yours,

Michael Darden M.D.

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