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March 2, 2018

Imagine if you will, that America’s “King” and his opportunistic henchmen in Congress pass a law that requires teachers to have personal weapons in their classroom. All students including the kindergarten student will be well aware that their lives are surrounded by adults who carry guns.

Now lets remember that children have an innate desire to emulate adults especially parents and people who occupy a great part of their lives- teachers. Teens want to drive, drink, smoke and engage in sex just like grown people. Kindergarten students want to grow up to be firemen. Elementary students want to be superheroes and older children aspire to become a famous athlete or rap star. Teens absolutely cannot live without their cell phones. So it would be natural for all students to want to be “strapped” as well with handguns.

They would somehow acquire them legally or illegally. To revise a line from one of Prince’s lyrics, “Mommy, why does everybody have a gun?”   No longer would there be fights after school or after a football game. The altercation would be over in a literal flash.  BANG! “you dead !”

So here is my answer to this whole gun thing:

  • Dear NRA: Look at history; we are no longer using dial up rotary phones- the telephone has evolved into miracle devices. So, come out with a new protection device, one that does not kill but still offers protection for anyone who feels they need it. The device may stun or immobilize a person but IT DOES NOT KILL. You have the money and the resources to come up with such a device. Your profits would soar since, like cell phones, most everyone would have one.  The conscience of your company (if you have one) would be better served to know that you are no longer getting rich by killing people, but by protecting people.

Michael Darden M.D.

…talk to you in the Spring….

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